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World Wrestling Entertainment :: Alumni :: Date: September 28th, 2019


Back in 1998 I saw X-Pac on TV do the "crotch chop." I didn't know what it meant but I wound up doing it to my mom, who promptly freaked out and started screaming at me.

My beef with X-Pac spans two decades. This is a long running issue.

He's on his way to going into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Dick Joke Squad... err, D-Generation X. I don't really get the hype on DX. Their success was mostly a bunch of unfunny skits (mostly done by Triple H and Shawn Michaels before X-Pac was ever even there) that were edited together with cool music made to seem like it was cutting edge and entertaining. It had no substance. It wasn't funny. The skits, if you watch them unedited, were poorly written, awkward and out of place.

The thing that pissed me off enough to actually say something was that X-Pac felt the need to publically shit on because of an article where his name was misspelled. (I think it was "Shawn" instead of "Sean")

The article was written by a kid who has cerebral palsy, who was allowed to write for WNS because he's a passionate wrestling fan who loves the business.


Now, I'll admit. I shouldn't have reacted so harshly. In hindsight, he probably didn't know the kid was disabled. But instead of retracting his comments, he instead blocked me and kept his comment up. After being informed that the person he was attacking was handicapped, he still didn't give a shit.

I'm friends with the owner of WNS. This site gives out these opportunities--- not to journalists, but to fans who want to contribute something to professional wrestling. They don't do it for money. It's purely passion and love for the industry. But this walking failed drug test had to go to his Twitter to try to disparage the website that gave a disabled person an opportunity that he wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. He had to insult the fucking kid himself. Fuck him. So I got pissed off and I have a big mouth. I'm like Joan Jett except I can't play guitar or sing... so I guess I'm exactly like Joan Jett.


Those in charge of WNS actively try to do the right thing. They don't want to be one of those sleazy clickbait sites. Through osmosis of being around the development of the website, I personally know secrets about prominent personalities in wrestling that it would ruin their lives if it ever got out that WNS had been privately sent that they never leaked out because it would be wrong. They'd make plenty of money, just like all those dirtrags that'll publish leaked out videos and shit that the general public has absolutely no right to have. WNS instead chooses to respect people's human rights and not destroy their entire lives for money.

But you know, fuck them because the disabled kid misspelled your name.

It's like if you went to Goodwill and the cashier was legitimately Autistic and didn't really make very good eye contact with you. Instead of going "oh, this kid has a problem." and letting it go, you turn to a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people who will swallow every word you say as the truth and go "Hey! Fuck Goodwill! This piece of shit wouldn't even look at me!" And then you turn to the disabled cashier and yell "Hey! Fuck you!" right in his face.

The worst part is the kid owned it and apologized. But fuck that. He shouldn't have had to apologize for anything. X-Pac owes this fucking kid an apology. Then again, he owes Chyna an apology too since he could have held his hand out and helped her out of her plight and instead chose to stroke Triple H's cock with it instead.

X-Pac Heat used to mean "when you're so fucking boring that the crowd doesn't want to see you anymore." Now I guess it means "being hated for picking on the disabled."

It's not like he respects his fellow workers either. He no-showed the final round in the Chris Candido Memorial Tournament (pissing on the legacy of Candido and also nearly screwing over the young up-and-comer Alex Shelley, who was his tag-team partner in it.) He's no-showed other events too, but luckily he's got friends in high places and will always have a spot in WWE because he's friends with guys who actually got over.

There. Now blocking me on Twitter is justified, fuckhead. I'm glad Vampiro beat you for the WSX Championship.

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