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The Rock To Debut New Transgender Gimmick

World Wrestling Entertainment :: Date: February 10th, 2020

Now this is genius. In an attempt to fit in with today's woke culture, WWE has allowed The Rock to return to the WWE under a new transgender gimmick!


Now donning long hair and penciled-in eyebrows, Dwayne has changed HER name to Simone and is going to the WWE Performance Center for hormone therapy.

It's unknown what her ring name will be, since The Rock is quite masculine. Maybe she'll use something like The Glitter Mound. Or The People's Shemale.

We here at Smarkitude: Pro Wrestling Webzine wish The Rock nothing but the best going forward, as we support all of our LGBT readers and---

Excuse me, one moment. I'm being told... mm.. okay.

My apologies. As it turns out, The Rock isn't transitioning into a female. That's apparently his daughter.

Holy fucking shit. Look at this bitch. That straight up looks like The Rock with a wig on.

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