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Good News, Droz! Ronda Rousey Says Wrestling Is Fake, So I Guess You Can Walk Now!

World Wrestling Entertainment :: Date: April 11th, 2020

Ronda Rousey has gone off on WWE fans being ungrateful and not deserving her, which seems like some heel shit but is apparently not a work at all and is in fact just her being a gigantic douchebag. What's worse is that she's gone off about WWE just being "fake fighting." But you know what? That's great news!

That means Owen Hart is actually alive somewhere and never actually fell to his death! Droz can walk, he's only pretending he can't! Edge only took eleven years off because he wanted to watch every episode of Friends. Phew. Thanks, you smelly whore. Fuck you.

Seriously. Do you not realize how fucking brutal wrestling is? I realize that when you're in UFC and you're getting your face punched in by women with the body strength of a small chimpanzee that it made you feel SOOPR TUFF. But weirdly, having your body thrown around on a wooden canvas and having your shit kicked in on a regular basis doesn't actually hurt apparently. It's all bullshit.

Ronda, you wart with legs. Kindly fuck off from the wrestling industry forever. Go back to wanting to kill yourself every time you lose to some girl who probably isn't even strong enough to fight off her drunk boyfriend. You're a drip and nobody in wrestling gives a shit about you.

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