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Nikki Bella Is A Baby Eating Cyborg

World Wrestling Entertainment :: Date: September 14th, 2019


According to online rumors and speculation, Nikki Bella wants someone to dump a fat load of cum into her stomach so it can mutate into a fetus and eventually grow into a baby and someday become that second generation Bella we've been waiting for.

Nikki took to her podcast, (Yes, apparently she has a podcast), and shot down the rumors. She said...

"It's weird, guys. And I know what some people are saying. But like, I am not craving babies whatsoever right now."

...wait, what? You're not "craving babies"? Nobody asked if you wanted to eat one, you psychopath. What the fuck are you talking about?


Did we finally crack through some weird Cyberdyne code where it turns out Nikki Bella is a flesh eating cyborg sent from the future? The fuck is going on here?

"I'm just I'm enjoying my career. I'm enjoying my life. I'm enjoying my midriffs."

Most people only have one midriff, Nikki...

...unless you're sawing through their bodies and keeping the center of their torsos as part of your sick robot murder collection!

Jesus Fuck. I knew it. This bitch is wacked.

Brie, and I know I've said it before, is an amazing form of birth control. you... shove your sister in your vagina to avoid pregnancy? What in the hell?

I'm deeply concerned about this.

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