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Braun Strowman: Poor Douche

World Wrestling Entertainment :: Date: March 23rd, 2020

Smarkitude readers will recall yesterday that Braun Strowman was acting like an entitled dickface to indy wrestlers who currently can't pay their bills or buy food because their source of income has been cut off due to the coronavirus pandemic. This led to many people, including myself, getting blocked by the Pussy Among Monsters who can't handle the backlash of his own comments.

Well, he's doubled down today! He's said that WWE isn't paying him for his time off. Check it out:


First of all, he's probably lying. I'd imagine he's on salary but he's not getting bonuses for events.

But you know what would rule? If Braun Strowman got caught up in a Lars Sullivan-esque scandal where it turns out he's been blowing dudes so frequently they can't keep him employed.

Can we get some cum in that big beard of his? For the clout?

Talk to me, Gen Z. Let's get some cum in Braun Strowman's beard.

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