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No Surrender 2019

Total Nonstop Action :: Date: December 8th, 2019


I remember when TNA No Surrender meant something... but this isn't TNA No Surrender. It's IMPACT No Surrender. And really, if this shitshow is the shit they're gonna keep pumping out they should surrender.

Caylon Knox of WrestlingNewsSource said that this was basically a glorified house show, and I think that's an insult to house shows.

Scott D'More even gave Larry D a contract to be an Impact wrestler, which is like getting a certificate to fuck one fat girl of your choosing.

So many of Impacts wrestlers are gaining weight too. I'd wonder if they're eating their money, but this is Impact Wrestling. They're not making money.


I miss when Madison Rayne's gimmick was "slutty bimbo." Now it's just "I have kids and I like to wrestle."

Back in my day she didn't even know how to wrestle.

Well, I guess not EVERYTHING changed.

Rhino gored the shit out of some dude named Jeremiah the Hook. I can't even find any info on this chucklefuck when I search for him. He's more off the grid than The Joker in the Dark Knight. I respect that.

It did make me bump into Blues Traveler's Hook though. So let's jam.

But genuinely, I don't see why Impact exists. Although, if ROH goes out of business I guess they could take over as the proverbial stomping grounds of the industry.

Well, botching grounds really.

A place where you can't really gauge a crowd's reaction to your work because there's hardly a crowd around.

But, you know. Show no surrender.

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