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Teddy Hart, Tragically, Has Not Killed Himself Yet

Indy Wrestling :: Date: March 26th, 2020

Today, I have recieved the tragic news that Teddy Hart has not killed himself yet.

Seriously. Fuck this piece of shit.

First of all, he's bipolar. Fuck that shit right in the mouth. He doesn't medicate either. He should swallow a grenade like a pill and blow himself up. Why? Well, because he just got arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, Maria Manic.

He had a gun pulled on him and apparently came really close to getting shot. A damn shame that he didn't. Fuck this guy.

He has been arrested for two sexual assualts, DUI, "borrowing" a car without permission, possession of a schedule III substance with the intent to sell or distribute, violating his house arrest orders, and now this. But hey! At least he can do flips, right?

Oh wait, almost every wrestler does flips now. Guess he's just a piece of shit with no redeeming qualities. Damn.

I wish this motherfucker would get locked up. Maybe he could get involuntarily powerbombed in his Annis. Give Hart a real pounding, you know.

No seriously. I want this guy set on fire. Fuck him.

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