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AEW Dynamite (11/20/2019)

All Elite Wrestling :: Date: November 20th, 2019

Last week, Matt Jackson got powerbombed through the stage and is now known as Out of Action Jackson. But luckily the more annoying looking one is here.

Tonight he takes on Rey Fenix, who is pretty talented. I remember when he wrestled Eddie Guerrero at Halloween Havoc. Good shit.

Someone held up a sign that said "SUCK IT VINCE." That makes me really happy. Not because I don't like Vince McMahon, but I really missed the fans holding up petty signs shittalking the other competing promotion.

There's a cute girl in the front row with Darby Allin facepaint. I wonder if she's polite. I want to see the entire lockerroom remove her face paint with their piss.

Britt Baker fucking sucks. She no sold an eye poke and fed her legs into a pin visibly. She blows ass.

Some poor fat guy is bullied by negroes and then he gets on the bus all sad with his broken glasses. Then some creepy fucker starts talking like one of those commercial things they have, but he's hyping The Dark Order. But you know what? Fuck the Dark Order.

For some reason Hangman Page gets his own entrance for this Battle Royale and everyone else has to walk out to the Dynamite theme song... and then Billy Gunn out of nowhere! Fuck yeah!

Christopher Daniels tricked Pentagon Jr. into getting elimianted by coming out dressed like Rey Fenix, and Billy Gunn's doing ass stuff with Sonny Kiss!

Fucking shit I forgot about Sonny Kiss. Make that thing go away.

I can't believe there's a wrestler named Wardlow. What the fuck is that shit?

It looked like the final two was Jungle Boy and Adam Page, but EC3--- err, MJF shows up and pulls him out and wins.

Hangman Page is undefeated in battle royals. He is the King of the Battle Royal in my book.

Seeing kids with Darby Allin facepaint in the crowd too, it's becoming increasingly apparent that Darby Allin is going to be one of the top dudes in AEW. I mean, he's the shit. He rules.

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